Definition of T.1 Trading Halt Code

What is a T.1 Trading Halt Code?

If you are visiting this page, then it very likely means that you currently own (or are short) a Nasdaq stock that is currently halted.

You have heard people say that the stock has been affixed a trading halt code of "T.1" by the Nasdaq - but what does this mean exactly?

T.1 trading halt code - stop signThe answer - the Nasdaq has halted trading in your stock due to the fact that "material" news will be released soon.

"Material" news could be a multitude of different things. "Material" news could mean that the company is being bought out. "Material" news could mean that the company is about to report that
they are under investigation by the SEC. "Material" news could mean a number of different things that could be either good news or bad news for the company.

When the news has been released, then the trading halt code will change to T.2, which means that the stock is still halted but that the news has been released.

Eventually, the stock will be given a code of T.3, which means "Halt - Resumption Times".

This means that the news has been fully disseminated and there has now been a time specified as to when the stock will re-open for trading. There are actually two times specified by the Nasdaq:

a) the time at which market participants can enter quotations

b) the time at which the security will be released for trading

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