Definition of Voter Apathy

What does the term “voter apathy” mean? What is meant by the term “voter apathy”?

According to the dictionary, the word “apathy” is described as a “lack of concern, enthusiasm or interest”.

Definition of Voter Apathy - Finance Dictionary“Voter apathy” occurs when voters decide that they really don’t care who wins or loses, and this translates into very low voter turnout (the number of eligible voters who turn out to vote in an election vs the total number of eligible voters).

“Voter apathy” can be caused by a lack of interest in the candidates that are running in an election, a general feeling that a person’s vote doesn’t matter or even a distrust in regards to how the election is actually being run.

Many people distrusts politicians and the “system”, and many people believe that their vote is worthless in the end. This leads to high levels of “voter apathy”, especially in smaller municipal and state elections.

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