Definition of War Dove

What is a "war dove"? What is the definition of the term "war dove"?

A "war dove" is a politician who preaches the benefits of peace and negotiations in a debate as to whether or not a country should go to work. A "war dove" is a politician who will work to ensure that going to war is the absolute last resort.

The opposite of a "war dove" is a "war hawk". A "war hawk" is much more willing to commit to a military campaign, and prefers a show of force over negotiations.

Definition of War Dove - Finance and Politics - DictionaryLet's take an imaginary situation to illustrate the proper usage of the term "war dove".

The fictional country of Anywhereland has been under the rule of a brutal dictator for 25 years. Somewhereland, which is the most powerful country in the world and has (by far) the strongest military, has decided that the dictator of Anywhereland must go.

"War doves" prefer economic sanctions and the support of rebel groups to try and overthrow the dictator, while "war hawks" prefer a military campaign.

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