Refinancing Articles

Auto Loan Refinancing - The Nuts and Bolts

Auto Loan Refinancing - how to use your car to free up some extra cash or just simply to lower your monthly payments.


Free Mortgage Refinance Quotes in California

Free Mortgage Refinance Quotes in California - how to get a number of no obligation quotes in just minutes.


Best Refinancing Deals: How to Find the Lowest Rates

An article published today on Yahoo! Finance indicates that mortgage rates are climbing - for instance, in the past week, mortgage rates have climbed 0.25% alone...


How to Land the Cheapest Mortgage Refinance Rates

This is why it's imperative that you shop around for the best rates. A small difference in the rates that you are offered could mean thousands of extra dollars in your pockets over the long-term. I'm sure that you don't want to give a bank any more money than you have to, am I right? I know that I don't...