Restore Our Future, Inc. Spent Over $10 Million in Past Week

For the second week in a row, the pro-Romney Restore Our Future, Inc. Super PAC spent over $10 million.

In total, Super PACs spent $23,538,513 over a total of 1,153 transactions over the past seven days. With the Republican convention just around the corner, you can safely assume that Super PAC spending will continue to ramp up.

Most of the money that was spent in the past seven days was directed against Barack Obama. Here were the top 10 Super PAC spenders of the past week:

Priorities USA Action, $2,204,658
WOMEN VOTE!, $1,362,472
Majority PAC, $1,334,506
American Chemistry Council, Inc., $648,600
Patriot Majority USA, $569,967
SEIU COPE (Service Employees International Union Committee On Political Education), $223,298

The top three spenders are all pro-Romney/anti-Obama Super PACs, while the fourth biggest spender of the week (Priorities USA Action) is pro-Obama.

Let's take a look at the 10 largest single expenditures of the past week:

RESTORE OUR FUTURE, INC. spent $9,856,375 to oppose OBAMA, BARACK
Type: Media Buy; also supports Mitt Romney

REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE spent $3,316,797 to oppose Barack, Obama
Type: Media Placement

Priorities USA Action spent $2,124,605 to oppose Romney, Mitt
Type: Media TV Advertising Buy

AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY spent $1,900,432 to oppose Obama, Barack
Type: Advertising-TV placement (Still Believe)

Majority PAC spent $754,800 to oppose Mandel, Josh
Type: Media Buy

WOMEN VOTE! spent $651,639 to oppose Thompson, Tommy
Type: TV Buy

WOMEN VOTE! spent $651,639 to oppose Thompson, Tommy
Type: TV Buy

American Chemistry Council, Inc. spent $648,600 to support THOMPSON, Tommy
Type: Television Ad

Majority PAC spent $431,844 to oppose Mourdock, Richard
Type: Media Buy

Patriot Majority USA spent $302,180 to oppose Rehberg, Dennis
Type: TV Advertising of 'Means'

As you can see, millions was spent to oppose Barack Obama in the past week. All told, over $16 million was spent to oppose Barack Obama over the past seven days, while $2,455,702 was spent to oppose Mitt Romney.


Expect anti-Romney Super PAC spending to ramp up considerably once Mitt Romney is officially confirmed as the Republican candidate for President.