Largest Surplus Posted Since April of 2008

According to the Financial Management Service of the US Department of the Treasury, the United States posted a $112.9 billion surplus in April, which was more or less in line with expectations. This was the largest monthly surplus that has been posted by the United States since April of 2008 ($159.28 billion).

April is typically the best month of the year from a fiscal standpoint for the United States, due to the large influx of tax revenues thanks to the filing of personal income taxes.

According to the Treasury Department, the nation brought in $407 billion in total receipts in April while spending $294 billion. This resulted in a $112.9 billion surplus, which was markedly higher than April of the year before ($59.12 billion).

United States Surplus/Deficit for April 2013

For the 2013 fiscal year up to the end of April, the United States has spent $2.091 trillion and brought in $1.603 trillion for a total deficit of $488 billion. The country is expected to post a deficit of a little less than $1 trillion in the 2013 fiscal year.

United States Surplus/Deficit for 2013 up to month of April

Of the $406.7 billion that was brought in during the month of April, $240.2 billion was in the form of personal income tax receipts.

In terms of budget outlays, the highest individual expense in the month of April was the Department of Health and Human Services ($75.31 billion).

Source: FMS.Treas.Gov - Monthly Treasury Statement (April)