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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Trader Profiles

Some of the most talked-about traders in the world will be highlighted in this section. From Cohen to Soros to Cramer to Paulson.

Boaz Weinstein Loses $1.8 Billion Dollars, Starts Hedge Fund

What do you do when the group that you run loses $1.8 billion dollars in a single year? That's simple. Leave the firm that you are currently with and start a hedge fund. This is the exact path t...

Bill Fleckenstein to Close Short-Only Hedge Fund, Open Long-Short Fund

Bill Fleckenstein is a name that is known to many. Fleckenstein runs Fleckenstein Capital, a short-only hedge fund that has been around for about 12 years. Bill pens a weekly article for MSN Mon...

John Paulson Continues to Dominate

The people who figured that John Paulson was in for a letdown after posting such astonishing returns in 2007 are in for a letdown of their own. Paulson and Co. Inc. continues to outperform the over...

Barton Biggs - "We Are In For the Mother of All Bear Market Rallies"

A little background on Barton Biggs before we start. He currently runs Traxis Partners, which is a hedge fund that is based in New York City. Before that, Biggs was the "chief global strategist" at Mo...

Timothy Sykes DVD Review

Timothy Sykes. Investor. Hedge fund manager. Reality TV star. Author. Mention the name Timothy Sykes to people and you are likely to get very different reactions. People either love Tim Sykes (he d...

Icahn Enterprises GP Inc. Feeling the Pinch as Well

Carl Icahn, the legendary activist investor who has been a thorn in the sides of many CEOs, has been forced to pour more of his own money into Icahn Enterprises GP Inc. to deal with a flood of redempt...

Christian Siva-Jothy Ignores Downturn in Hedge Fund Industry as His SemperMacro Fund Posts Large Gain in September

This is a tough time for many hedge fund managers, but not Christian Siva-Jothy. Siva-Jothy's $440 million dollar SemperMacro fund posted an eye-popping 12.3% return in September, according to t...

Warren Buffett Is Enthusiastically Bullish on US Equities

I've come to expect a few things from Warren Buffett. Fantastic annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letters. Incredibly consistent returns. Cautiousness when it comes to investing in equities. Even ...

Andrew Lahde Flips Wall Street The Bird, Rides Off Into Sunset

Andrew Lahde released a letter to his shareholders this week that has everyone in the hedge fund industry talking. Andrew Lahde runs (or used to run) Lahde Capital Management, a small hedge fund...

Mark "Goldfinger" McGoldrick to Run His Own Hedge Fund

Mark "Goldfinger" McGoldrick made headlines last year when he quit Goldman Sachs. The trader, it was reported, was unhappy with his $70 million dollar bonus and decided to leave the...

Ron Insana Closing Insana Capital Partners "Legends" Hedge Fund

The idea was a simple one.

Ron Insana would open a hedge fund called "Legends". The hedge fund would be a "fund of funds", and would allow investors to invest in hedge funds that they norm...

Barton Biggs of Traxis Partners LLC Predicts 1,000 Point Uptick in the Dow

These are certainly interesting times on Wall Street right now. On Friday, Bear Stearns nearly collapsed after a liquidity crisis. To say that Wall Street, and the rest of America, is jittery would...

Phil Goldstein of Bulldog Investors Fund Challenging SEC on Hedge Fund Advertising Laws

Phil Goldstein of the Bulldog Investors Fund is preparing to take on the SEC over the coming weeks over the SEC's stance regarding hedge funds soliciting money from the public (or not being able to, a...

Who Are the Best Investor and Best Trader of all Time?

When it comes to the stock market, there are two people that I admire more than anyone else. Sure, there are quite a number of famous investors and famous traders who have netted billions of dollars f...

Lahde Capital Up an Eye-Popping 1000% in 2007

Lahde Capital, a hedge fund run out of Santa Monica California by Andrew Lahde, has returned an absolutely ridiculous 1000%+ so far in 2007. Lahde started the fund with about $10 million dollars in...

Jim Cramer Goes Bananas on CNBC

Jim Cramer is passionate about the market. He's passionate about the economy. And now he is extra passionate about the housing market in the USA, which is currently in the process of falling apart. ...

Cramer Berkowitz: The Hedge Fund That Launched Jim Cramer Into Super-Stardom

Click Here For a Free 14-Day Trial of Cramer's Action Alert Plus You can say what you want about Jim Cramer, and you will...

Jim Cramer: Do you Love Him or Do you Hate Him?

I think that regardless of your feelings about Jim Cramer, you could probably agree that he is probably the most polarizing figure in the stock market today. People seem to be divided into two faction...

Anthony Elgindy - A Big Influence in My Trading Career

If I had to list my influences as a trader, I would have to list Warren Buffett, Stephen Cohen and Anthony Elgindy. All three helped lay the groundwork of what are now my trading str...


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