Microsoft Maps Is Light Years Ahead of Google Maps

Ok, I know that this topic isn't necessarily about making money, but I thought I would write an article about it anyways.

When it comes to mapping the US, Microsoft Maps offers a far superior product to Google Maps in terms of crispness and clarity and detail. For outside of the US, Google is the superior product, but for the United States, Microsoft dominates Google and it's not even close.

I can show you many examples, but here are just a couple for you. Note the difference in image clarity and detail. First off, here is Disneyland. First in Microsoft Map we have:

Disneyland (MSN Bird's Eye View)


Disneyland (Google, zooming in the best that I could)


Empire State Building (MSN, Bird's Eye View)


Empire State Building (Google, Closest I could Zoom .. much more comparable images yet MSN is still the more vivid and detailed of the two)

What could the difference possibly be? Google Maps uses computer generated images that are provided by Navteq, whereas Microsoft Maps uses GEOEYE, which uses live humans to help analyze and construct the raw image data. Whatever the difference is, Microsoft Maps offers a far superior product for the US.

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