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Many people start a blog with the sole purpose of doing one thing - making money.

This is fine - there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

robb sutton - e-book - on creating a review blog - ramped reviews --However, did you know that there are many blogs out there that receive thousands of dollars in free "swag" every month?

Companies are realizing that blogs are an extremely cost-effective way to market their products.

If a blog writes a glowing review of a product, then this could result in literally tens of thousands of dollars in sales for the company.

In order to get their products reviewed, many companies will send out free products to the owners of blogs in the niche that they are in.

For instance, if you run a cookbook review blog, then publishers could send you free cookbooks to review.

This is the new age of advertising. Many companies are cutting ties with radio, newspaper and television advertising, and instead choosing to focus on the Internet.

There is nothing that sells a product quite as well as a glowing review from a blog, which is why companies don't hesitate to send free products out for the sole purpose of receiving a review.

This is exactly what Robb Sutton did.

Robb Sutton had a passion for mountain biking and decided to start a blog. It was called "Mountain Biking by 198".

According to Robb, shortly after he started the blog, review product started pouring in.

Robb estimates that in his first year alone he received over $70,000 in review product.

Robb decided to put pen to paper so that you too could learn how to start a review blog (and receive plenty of free stuff in the process).

For just $20, Robb offers an e-book that will instruct you how to:

-set up your site properly to attract companies that will want you to receive their products

-contact companies to let them know that you are available to review their products

-write a proper review

-convert your product reviews into cash

And much more..

The investment of $20 is small - the potential rewards are very high.

In this business you need to invest in yourself in order to succeed.

A $20 e-book purchase is not a large purchase, but it could result in a lucrative stream of products and cash.

This e-book has received glowing reviews from the likes of Darren Rowse ( and John Chow (

Robb also offers a money-back guarantee - if you aren't satisfied with the product after one month, then Robb will refund your money.

Sounds like a win/win proposition to me.

Click Here To Purchase Robb Sutton's E-Book On Creating A Review Blog

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