The Longest Winning Streak On Record Belongs To..

Logos - Dow Jones, Standard and Poors, NasdaqIt's February 8th, 2011, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has finished higher the last seven days in a row.

This is the longest winning streak for the DJIA since July of 2010.

I thought that it would be interesting to run some numbers to see how much longer the DJIA (and the NASDAQ and S+P 500 for that matter) would have to run to break the all-time record for the most number of "green" days in a row.

Of the DJIA, NASDAQ and S+P 500, the NASDAQ currently holds the record for the longest winning streak at 19 days. If you are thinking that this streak occurred during the "dot-com boom" days of the late '90s/early '00s, then you would be wrong.

The NASDAQ posted a 19 day winning streak in August of 1979. The last day of the streak was August 31st, 1979.

In January of 1987, the DJIA managed to put together an impressive streak of 13 days in a row where the index closed in the green. This streak was snapped on January 20th, 1987. "Black Monday" would take place later in the year, wiping over 22% off of the value of the DJIA in just one day.

The longest winning streak for the S+P 500 occurred in March/April of 1971, when the index managed to close higher 14 days in a row.


Here are the longest winning streaks in the history of the DJIA, NASDAQ and S+P 500 (note: our DJIA data goes back to 1928):

Last Day of Streak, Number of Days


1987-01-20, 13
1929-07-08, 12
1970-12-07, 12
1955-02-01, 11
1992-01-03, 11


1979-08-31, 19
1985-01-31, 18
1977-11-21, 15
1992-01-09, 13
1980-10-15, 12
1986-02-18, 12
1988-02-25, 12
2009-07-23, 12

S&P 500

1971-04-15, 14
1954-09-17, 12
1955-06-27, 12
1970-12-07, 12
1972-08-14, 12
1995-09-14, 12

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