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There are three things that I look at first when I am thinking about signing up for a financial newsletter:

How long has the newsletter been in operation? What kind of track record does the newsletter have? Who runs the newsletter?

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The Forbes Special Situation Survey has been around for more than 50 years (it was started by Malcolm Forbes way back in 1954). This makes the Forbes Special Situation Survey one of the longest running newsletters on the market today. If the newsletter wasn't of value to people, then there is no way that it would have lasted for over 50 years.

Second- track record. According to the Hulbert Financial Digest (independent), the Forbes Special Situation Survey's recommended portfolio returned an average of 24.1% annualized for the five years ending December 2007. Compare this to the S&P Index, which returned an average of just 5% over the same time period.

According to, the Special Situation Survey portfolio was up 36% in 2010. The three year return for the portfolio was 77%, while the 5 Year Return was 131%. Some of the portfolio selections over that time included LMI Aerospace, Amedisys and Hormel Foods.

The editor of the Forbes Special Situation Survey is Vahan Janjigian. Janjigian is the Chief Investment Officer at Greenwich Wealth Management LLC, which is a SEC Registered Investment Adviser. Janjigian holds a BS degree in General Science from Villanova University, a MBA degree in Finance and a Ph.D degree in Finance, both from Virginia Tech. In addition, Janjigian also has the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. On top of all of that, Janjigian has taught finance courses at the University of Delaware, Northeastern University, the American University of Armenia and Boston College.

Janjigian also pens a regular column for Forbes Magazine and is often quoted in publications such as Barron's, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

So what do subscribers receive for their fee?

Each month, subscribers to the Forbes Special Situation Survey receive a 10-page report that outlines a single "undervalued" stock that Janjigian believes "holds the promise" for significant capital appreciation over the next 18-24 months. The newsletter will give you detailed reasons as to why the stock is a good buy. In addition, the newsletter will give constant updates on previous recommendations, as well as giving subscribers a heads-up as to when it is time to sell. In case you were wondering, there are clear Buy, Hold and Sell Recommendations in each newsletter. What you should do with existing positions is not ambiguous like with some other newsletters. In addition, Special Alerts will be made available to you if there is breaking news regarding one of the positions.

The Forbes Special Situation Survey usually has between 10-20 active recommendations.


Now - what about cost?

The newsletter normally costs $695 per year. Click through this link and you will receive $400 off of the annual subscription (this works out to a total savings of over 57%). So, you will pay $295 per year instead of the standard $695 price. This works out to less than $25/month and less than 80 cents per day.

The newsletter also comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren't happy with the newsletter, simply cancel at any time and you will be refunded for your unmailed issues.

Forbes is also offering people a FREE gift when they sign up. In addition to receiving your newsletter, you will also receive the "Forbes Investors Guide" (a collection of 14 strategy memos that are intended to make you a better investors).

That's it! For less than 80 cents per day, you can receive a newsletter that has significantly topped the S+P 500 over the past decade, as well as two free gifts.

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