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Click Here to Redeem Your $120 Off WSJ Wine Club Promo Code

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The WSJ Wine Club, which is backed by the good name of the Wall Street Journal, offers people the chance to enjoy premium wines from premium brands at discount prices.

How much of a discount are we talking about? Click on the link above and you will receive $120 off of your first shipment of 12 bottles of premium wines (Bordeaux, Pinot Noir, etc). The introductory case will cost you just $69.99. Buy today and you will also receive two free gifts: a free deluxe level-action corkscrew set ($49.99 value) and free testing notes with a binder.

WSJ (Wall Street Journal) Wine Club logo$69.99 works out to less than $6 per bottle ($5.84 to be exact), which is a pretty unbelievable deal.

With the WSJ Wine Club, you have the option of receiving:

a) red wines
b) white wines
c) a mix of both

There are NO membership fees with the WSJ Wine Club. Every three months you will have the option of receiving another 12 bottles of premium wine at the standard price. You will be alerted before each new order is sent out, and you have the option of accepting the shipment or deferring. There is ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION to accept future cases, and you can CANCEL AT ANY TIME.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal Wine Club offers a 100% money back guarantee.


As mentioned, the WSJ Wine Club is backed by the prestigious name of the Wall Street Journal, which has been in circulation since July 8th, 1889.

Click Here to Redeem Your $120 Off WSJ Wine Club Promo Code

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