Can President Obama Convince Voters To Give Him a Second Term?

National Democratic Convention 2012 - Logo - Large SizeLast week, the Republican party officially nominated Mitt Romney to be their Presidential nominee, and he accepted.

The Republican ticket for the 2012 Presidential election is now officially Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan.

This coming week, the Democratic National Convention will get underway in Charlotte, North Carolina. President Obama and the Democrats will have the eyes of the nation on them as they try to convince voters that their party deserves another four years in the White House.

Under normal circumstances, a sitting President with an approval rating in the low 40s would be a long shot to win a second term. After all, the economy is still struggling, millions of Americans are still out of work (national unemployment rate is well over 8%), gas prices are sky high and the national real estate market is still in shambles.

Having said that, the race is still extremely close, with most polls putting Romney and Obama in a virtual deadlock. Romney seems to have taken advantage of the "convention bounce", but President Obama will also likely receive a bounce of his own after the Democratic National Convention.

President Obama and the Democrats are preaching their "Forward" message, while Mitt Romney and the Republicans argue that it's time for a fresh face in the White House. Does President Obama deserve another four years in office? Everybody would agree that the US economy was in frightful shape when he took over in January of 2009, but has he done enough since that date to earn a second term in the White House?

Another question that will weigh heavy on the minds of voters when they head out to vote this November - how much of the current debt/deficit problem can be laid at the feet of President Obama? Sure, the country is on track to post four straight trillion dollar deficits, and the national debt clock is sitting at right around $16 trillion, but would the country be in significantly better shape from a fiscal standpoint if McCain and Palin had won in 2008?

There are many issues that matter to Americans, but the economy is at the top of the list. After all, if you can't find work, issues such as national security and the national debt aren't nearly as important to you.


All eyes will be on President Obama this week as he attempts to convince the nation that he deserves a second term in the White House.

Does he?

The Democratic National Convention runs from Tuesday, September 4th until Thursday, September 6th.

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