China Continues To Lead Way With $1.2649 Trillion in US Debt

List of Holders of US Debt - April 2013 - Pie ChartThe Treasury Department recently released their April 2013 "Major Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities" report.

According to the Treasury Department, foreign entities reportedly held $5.6708 trillion in US debt as of April/2013, up $30.4 billion from the month before.

Over the past 12 months, foreign holdings of US debt have increased by roughly $450 billion, from $5.217 trillion to $5.6708 trillion.

The ten largest foreign holders of US debt as of April 2013 were:

China, $1.2649 trillion
Japan, $1.1103 trillion
Caribbean Banking Centers, $273.1 billion
Oil Exporters, $272.7 billion
Brazil, $252.6 billion
All Other, $222.6 billion
Taiwan, $186.7 billion
Belgium, $185.7 billion
Switzerland, $183.3 billion
United Kingdom, $163.4 billion

China's portfolio of US debt has increased 8.63% over the past 12 months, while Japan's has increased by 1.14%.

Some of the nations that have reported the largest increases in their US debt holdings over the past 12 months are:

Turkey, +113.88%
Peru, +49.52%
France, +48.8%
Belgium, +40.58%
Mexico, +39.12%

Most of the countries that are included in the Treasury Department's report have increased their holdings of US debt over the past 12 months. Here are the countries that didn't:

Russia, -2.77%
Hong Kong, -2.34%
Germany, -1.27%
Canada, -3.44%
Israel, -7.98%
Malaysia, -12.44%
Denmark, -11.64%


The Holders of US Debt in April of 2013 - Pie Chart

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