"Bendgate" Has Incurred Embarrassing Criticism For Tech Giant

IPhone 6 - LogoApple's iPhone launches usually go something like this. Millions of people line up to buy their new iPhone on the first day of its release. Apple sells kajillions of the new devices. Media outlets show endless images of the endless lines and Apple gets mountains of positive press. Apple reaps the rewards in their quarterly earnings report and billions of dollars of market capitalization is added to the company.

The launch for the iPhone 6, however, has not gone nearly as well.

To start, the rollout of the company's new iOS has led to many frustrated Apple users as it appears to be endlessly glitchy. All you have to do is search "iOS 8" on Twitter and you will be able to quickly drink in all of the scorn and hatred that is being heaped on Apple as a result of their new iOS. It is pretty difficult to find a positive iOS 8 message on Twitter.

After that, "Bendgate" caused more negative press for Apple - negative press that other companies have been all too happy to capitalize on. According to reports, the new and bigger iPhones are bending when they are placed in the back pockets of people wearing tighter pants or "skinny jeans". The #bendgate hash tag is filled with humorous advertisements from companies such as Samsung and Slim Jim that are making fun of Apple's predicament.

For a company that relies so heavily on word of mouth and positive press, this has been a hellish couple of weeks for Apple. Sure, more than 10 million iPhone 6 devices have been sold so far, but the negative press that is attached to the devices is threatening to completely ruin the launch.


"Bendgate" and "iOSgate" are both threatening to sink shares of Apple which have enjoyed a strong run over the past year or so. Shares of Apple were down nearly 4% today to close at $97.87.

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