Donald Trump, Donald Carson Continue Surge at Expense of Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz

The United States presidential race - Elections 2016According to new numbers from a CNN/ORC Poll, Donald Trump has continued his surge during the first part of September and now has over 30% support from Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents.

In addition to Donald Trump's surge, the CNN/ORC poll also reveals that Ben Carson is now the clear #2 choice for the GOP Presidential nomination, as he has risen 10 points over the past month and now sits at 19%.

Here are the numbers from the CNN/ORC poll:

Donald Trump, 32%
Ben Carson, 19%
Jeb Bush, 9%
Ted Cruz, 7%
Mike Huckabee, 5%
Scott Walker, 5%

The gains for Donald Trump and Ben Carson have largely come at the expense of Jeb Bush, who started the GOP primary race as the clear favorite to win. Bush has tried everything to turn around his campaign but has been drowned out by Donald Trump's sound bytes and overall flashiness. At the end of the day, the media has become fascinated with Donald Trump while Jeb Bush has been largely ignored.


According to the new numbers from CNN, Donald Trump has made significant gains in a number of key demographics, including women and those with college degrees. In addition, Trump is gaining popularity amongst Republicans who back the Tea Party movement. All of this has combined into 32% support from Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.


One of the most stunning revelations (at least when compared to a few months ago) from the new polling numbers is the continued decline of Hillary Clinton. Dogged by the email server scandal, Clinton has seen her lead in the Democratic nomination race fall to just 10 points. In addition, Clinton is now even with Donald Trump and Jeb Bush in hypothetical 2016 match-ups, while she trails by a full five points against Ben Carson.

Source: - Donald Trump Surges to 32% Support

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