Definition of Annex

What does the term "annex" mean? What is the definition of the word "annexation"?

Annexation, as it applies to countries, states, republics and other entities, refers to the incorporation of a territory into a country or state.

Definition of the term Annex - Financial DictionaryFor instance - Texas was annexed by the United States on December 29th, 1845, when they officially became a constituent state. The United States, following the election victory of James K. Polk, annexed Texas, or incorporated them into their union.

The situation in Russia/Ukraine/Crimea has put the spotlight on the term "annex" once again. The Crimea region held a referendum in which 97% of its citizens indicated that they wanted to become part of Russia. Crimea is an important area for Russia to maintain control of, so they have indicated that they will likely annex Crimea and make it part of Russia.

By annexing Crimea, Russia would be officially incorporating the region into their country. After the annexation, Crimea would be considered a part of Russia and no longer an independent and autonomous region.

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