Definition of Job Opening

What is a "job opening"? What is the definition of a "job opening"?

At the end of June, 2012, the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) reported that there were roughly 3.8 million job openings in the United States.

Definition of Job Opening - Financial Dictionary - EmploymentWhat is a "job opening"?

According to the BLS, a "job opening" is a specific position that needs to be filled at an establishment, and this position needs to meet the following criteria:

1) there is work available for that position
2) the job could start within the next 30 days
3) the employer is actively recruiting for the position

Job openings will increase when the economy is doing well and decrease when the economy is doing poorly. The logic behind this trend is simple - more qualified applicants results in less open positions, and less qualified applicants results in more open positions.

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