Google Adwords vs. MSN Adcenter vs. Yahoo Search Marketing - The Pros and Cons of All Three

Google Adwords

Pros - by far the most traffic of any of the three big search engines

-once you develop a high quality score for a keyword, you will own it, regardless of what others bid

-converts fairly well

-great interface

Cons - tests your patience. Requires infinite amounts of tweaking in order to develop high quality scores

-low quality scores can jack up your bids, making it hard to get started

MSN Adcenter

Pros - highest conversion rate of the three

-strong customer service

-constantly improving interface

Cons - very low amounts of traffic

-very strict and hard to get keywords accepted (though this is a good thing if you know how to get keywords into Adcenter)

-delayed reporting

Yahoo Search Marketing

Pros - transparent bidding process

-can easily add tens of thousands of keywords

Cons - unable to block "partner" sites, which leads to plenty of bunk traffic

-because of this, converts the worst of the three majors

-requires a different account for each country that you want to target


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