The Proper Way to Approach Someone for a Link Exchange

Now, I'm not a big proponent of doing link swaps. I prefer just to create unique content, and eventually the one way links pointing to my site (the best kind) will pile up and my site will soar to the top of the SERP's. But if you need to do a link exchange, there is a right and wrong way of doing it. I am speaking as someone who owns and operates several extremely high traffic sites, and gets 100's of link exchange requests daily.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you secure a quality link exchange.

1. Whatever you don't, don't automate your requests. There are some people out there that think to themselves "I'll just have a computer program email all potential link partners. If they don't respond after a day, the computer program will email them again. After a week, one final reminder notice." I hate these types of link exchange requests, and would never, ever exchange links with a site that doesn't have the time to write me out a personalized email. That brings me to point #2,

2. Write a personalized email for each link exchange request. You know what, this will take you some extra time, but it is so worth it. I can't tell you how much really strong link exchanges I was able to set up because my linking partner was impressed by the fact that I had actually researched their site and personalized the email. It will take a bit of time up front, but you will bank in the future.

3. If someone doesn't want to exchange links, ask them why (in a nice way.) If they cite lack of Page Rank, lack of traffic, or anything else as their reasons, make a note and email them again once you have fulfilled their linking partner expectations. I guarantee you that they will be impressed by the fact that you are following up with them.

4. Forget linking strictly with sites with equal page rank as yours; link with quality sites. Is a site brand new and you think they have a ton of potential, but you have more page rank then them right now? Go ahead of exchange links with them, if you feel that their site is valuable and will continue to be a strong site in the future. Don't just link with sites with similar page ranks; take a chance.

5. Lastly, don't over-optimize for one keyword. If you run a money-making blog like this one, don't tell every link exchange partner to include "Make Money Online" as the anchor text; switch up the anchor text. If every anchor text out there is "Make Money Online", you run the risk of switching an over-optimization penalty at Google. Remember, Google rewards sites that are built in a natural fashion. Remember that, and mix up your anchor text.

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