Paralysis By Analysis: Sometimes You Have to Just Do It

just do it - nike logoThere are plenty of people interested in making money on the Internet. In their minds, it's an easy, low-risk way of making money. They always ask me how I got started, and how they should get started. When I am talking, I can hear the gears grinding in their minds. They are thinking of ways that they can make money on the Internet. Will they start a blog? Will they do affiliate marketing? I can look into their eyes and tell that they are already counting the money in their minds.

Invariably, they come up with ideas that would do well. Sure, these ideas have been done before, but there is plenty of room to make money on the Internet. I'll leave the meeting with them, and they will be extremely anxious to get home and start work on their project. A week will go by. Two weeks will go by. I'll talk to them again. "How's it going?" I'll say, "Have you many any progress yet? Did you sign up for web hosting? Have you set up the blog or landing page?"

"Not yet" they'll invariably say, "I am still plotting it out. I want it to be perfect before I launch. I want the perfect design. I want the best, low-cost web host. I want at least 30 articles typed up and on the web site. I want to take a typing class before I start so that I can type out articles faster. I want to hire an assistant to help with the upkeep of the site. I still haven't thought of the perfect name for the site. Only then will I launch the site."

I'll roll my eyes.

"Look," they'll say angrily, "I take pride in my work. I want this site to be perfect before I launch it."

At this point, I always lose interest. I like seeing people do well. There are literally thousands of ways to make money on the Internet. But for these people, the people who want to plan everything out perfectly before they launch their site, I have this to say. You'll never, ever launch your site. It'll die on the vine. The site will NEVER be perfect enough to launch in your eyes.

My biggest piece of advice. Just do it. Just launch the site. I've launched plenty of sites with one article and no design. Who cares. The important thing is to start building up some history with the site. I look back at articles that I wrote four years ago and laugh. They were terrible. But who knows. They got a lot better, and at least I launched the site. I know how these people operate. They'll never launch the site. Maybe one time out of 100 they'll actually launch it.

To me, it's similar to writing a book. Everyone has a best-selling book idea in their heads. But how many people actually take the time to put pen to paper, stop making excuses and start writing the thing? Not many.

My biggest piece of advice is to just launch the site, no matter how sorry it looks, and work on it as you go. The fact that people are actually viewing your site will drive you to make the site strong as fast as you possibly can. If you never launch the site, you'll never make any money, and never get any readers. It's as simple as that. You can have a site online within 2 hours if you want. But will you actually do it?

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