Blogging Tip: Write About Something that Actually Interests You

blogging tip - by daveNothing derails a blog faster than trying to write about something that you have absolutely no interest in.

Sure, you may be able to research new topics for a while, but eventually writing these types of articles will bore you to tears, and your blog will go off the rails.

You may think that starting a blog about lawyers in your area is a good idea, because you have heard that lawyer ads in Adsense pay out a lot.

This is a big mistake. You may get 4-5 posts in, and then you won't post again, because the posts have become so tedious and boring to write that you just can't muster the strength to write another one. You stop posting and suddenly you have a dead blog. No one is coming to read your articles, and the search engine spiders will give up on you and just visit your blog every few weeks. This is the kiss of death.

Pick a subject that you actually care about. Pick a subject where you will have no trouble coming up with ideas for articles. If you have an interest in reality TV, then start up a blog about that. If you have an interest in vegetarian cooking, then start up a blog about that.

The simple fact of the matter is that people will visit a site often if the owner is obviously passionate about the subject. In the end, it really doesn't matter too much which topic you choose in terms of monetization; if you are getting enough traffic, there are always ways to make lots of money, no matter what the topic of your blog is.

If you can't come up with 10 article ideas almost immediately when you are planning out a potential blog, you should scrap it and move on to another subject.

Running a successful blog is a marathon, not a sprint. If you can't see yourself writing an article per day about your chosen topic for the next year straight, it'll never work out. You may make a few dollars, but it'll never be overly successful.

Write about a topic that you know and love. That's the key to making long-term money.

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