Split-Testing is a Valuable Tool When It Comes to Enhancing the Profitability of Your PPC Campaigns

google adwords logoWhat exactly is split testing?

Split testing is when you test more than one ad for a keyword or group of keywords that you are targeting.

Meaning, let's say that you are running an adgroup on Google Adwords targeting home equity loans in the US. This group currently has 15 keywords in it. The click through percentage for the ad is ok but not great; you are looking to potentially increase the CTR to somewhere about 2-3%.

The worst thing that you can do in this situation is to edit the ad that you already have running. This will damage your campaign.

What you need to do is split test. Add another ad to the group of keywords, and have Google show one of the ads 50% of the time, and the other ad the other 50% of the time. Google will handle this automatically for you.

After a week, you will be able to see which ad is performing better. At this time, you can then pause the ad that you don't want to use, and you will not harm your campaign. You will keep all of your history and your quality score, which is very important. If you just edit the existing ad that you already have running, you will risk damaging your campaign.

If something is working well with Google, you never outright change it. You split-test, and then delete one of the ads.

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