The Art of Minimalist Blogging

dave talks about minimalist bloggingThe entire concept of minimalist blogging first popped into my mind when reading Steve Pavlina's blog, and was recently re-inforced when I was reading Copyblogger. These two blogs are a living testament to the power of minimalist blogging.

When your blog starts to receive traffic and starts to make a bit of money, it can be easy to say to yourself: the blog is making $50 a day when I post once per day, so if I posted 4 times per day, I could make $200 a day! It sounds logical, but it's just not true.

You will find that if you stick to posting at the very most, once per day, you will end up making MUCH more money in the long run.


Number one, because of the fact that you are limiting your articles, the articles that you do produce will be of a much higher quality. They will be long, well-researched and ready for link baiting. You'll receive more links to your articles, more traffic and in turn, more money.

If you are pumping out 4 articles per day, the quality will suffer. Simple as that.

Also, your users will have a hard time keeping up with all of your content. If you are posting 4 times per day, if a user happens to not check your site on a given day, then there is a good chance that they will miss many of your articles. Give your user a reason to come to your site every day, and make sure that they don't miss an article. Post at the most once per day.

Also, by posting at the most once per day, you are giving the search engines a chance to properly index your articles. If you are pumping out the articles, a slower search engine may not get a chance to index a new article before it falls off of the first page.

In the end, the biggest reason to engage in minimalist blogging is so that you don't burn out. One article per day is very reasonable, and very sustainable. You are in this for the long haul. Try firing out five articles per day and see how long that you last. You just won't make it.

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