Stop Chasing Links, Start Adding Value

add value to your site... stop chasing link exchangesThe amount of link requests that we get each day for sites across our network is mind-boggling.

Most link requests just automatically get deleted, but occasionally I'll open a link request email just to read what they are offering.

Almost every time it's the same; some boiler-plate, computer generated email asking us to link to their thrown-together web site that has been up for a week. Our site, that we have been building up for the last four+ years, linking to their site that was thrown up over a weekend? And they don't even have the courtesy to write a personal email? I don't think so.

You probably read a book on SEO and in the first chapter it said, exchange links with prominent sites in the same niche. Well the problem is that most sites won't even see your email, let alone exchange links with you.

You need to add value. By adding value, you will collect more links than you ever thought possible. And the best part is, they will be one-way links? You don't even have to reciprocate, which will make the links even more valuable!

So how do you add value?

By writing exciting and unique content. By providing a service to your users that no one else in the niche does. By going above and beyond and giving the user a reason to return to your site.

By doing this, you are adding value to your users' experiences, and you will be richly rewarded with ultra-valuable one way links that will make your site.

We don't participate in any link exchanges with sites outside of our network. Why bother? We pick up hundreds of one way links every week, just by writing fresh and timely content. You should try the same. Don't waste your time trying to exchange links with the 800 pound gorillas in your industry, cause there is a 99.9% chance that they won't even see your email, or maybe they will and you will receive a link on a sub-page buried deep within their site that won't help you anyways.

Stop exchanging links, and start asking yourself how you can enrich the experience of people viewing your site.

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