The Way That Some People Are Spinning This Google Pagerank Situation is Ridiculous

dave talks about how different blog sites spin the google page rank situation to stay coolioIt's pretty funny to me how people in the blogosphere are spinning their Pagerank situation with Google.

In case you didn't know, Google recently punished a large number of blogs for a variety of different rumored reasons, including selling text link ads and engaging in excessive cross-linking across their blog network.

The damage was quite severe, as some well-known blogs took as much as a 3 point Page Rank hit.

The funny part is that all of a sudden a good number of these blogs are making postings talking about how "irrelevant" Page Rank is, and how they will be of course removing all data about how high their Page Rank is from their advertising pages.

So when their page rank was high, they were opening touting this on their advertising pages. "Buy a link on my Page Rank 7 site."

And now that Google has saw fit to reduce their Page Rank (usually due to selling off-topic text link ads), they are ruling that Page Rank is irrelevant, and a "joke." Whatever.

The main problem is that Google gives you a high page rank for a reason, and if you abuse it, then they will take it away from you just as fast. If you have worked hard to build up a site about cooking and have earned a Page Rank of 8, don't go and blow it by selling Text Link Ads on your main page that will be usually off-topic. This is the fastest way to ruin your good-standing with Google.

Now, Google made some mistakes in this Page Rank update and penalized some of the wrong sites, but they also penalized a great deal of the "right" sites in my opinion.

The thing is that Google had publically stated for months that they were going to be dealing with the problem of sites selling text link ads, and yet these sites are still complaining that Google saw fit to punish them. You can't have it both ways, Google gave you plenty of warning. At least you didn't get your sites completely removed from the index; it could always be worse.

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