Don't Be Afraid to Experiment With Affiliate Sales and Direct Ad Sales

dave manuel looking at flying dollarsGoogle Adsense is a wonderful tool, but there is more to life than just Adsense and many people find that they are able to multiply their revenues when they remove Adsense from their sites.

The biggest advantage of using Google Adsense is that it is very easy to use. All you do is post a few snippets of code throughout your web site, and boom, you are making money instantly.

However, with a bit of extra effort on your part, you will likely be able to increase your site revenues 2-3x just by testing out affiliate sales and direct ad sales.

Most advertisers are in the business of making money (well, I would hope that all of them are.) If an ad appears on your site, then this advertiser is obviously trying to sell your audience something. Most likely there are an affiliate, and they will be getting a % of whatever sale that the ad on your site generates.

Most advertisers that I know have a ROI of anywhere from 100% to 300% on their Google Adwords advertisements. So, by paying for a click on your site, they will likely be generating a return of 100-300%, likely by selling the user some sort of product that they will be generating an affiliate commission on.

The obvious statement now would be: why not just offer the product yourself on your site, and generate all of that affiliate commission yourself?

That is what I am saying, and this is why there are plenty of better ways to make money with your site than using Adsense. If people are advertising on your site, it is because advertising on your site is a profitable venture. So why not increase your own profits and cut out the middleman?

If you are in need of stable revenues and have strong traffic on your web site, then you should also consider selling advertisements directly to advertisers. Let's say that you run a web site that covers all of the latest ski and ski boot products. Well, if you have a decent amount of traffic, then there would surely be some interested parties when it comes to advertising on your site. Instead of generating money through Adsense or affiliate sales, you can sell banner advertising or text links on your site for a fixed amount every month.

For instance, you could sell a 125x125 banner ad placement for $500 per month, or a 468x60 banner ad for $1000 per month. This way, your revenues will be much more stable. Advertisers care as much about ROI as they do about branding, so don't be afraid to approach companies and make your case if you have the traffic to back it up.

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