JP Morgan Was Owned By More Than Half of the Funds In Our Database Last Quarter

-- Love between a hedge fund and J.P. Morgan - Illustration --Which stock was held by the largest number of the 97 institutional investors in our database at the end of the last quarter?

What was the only company to be owned by more than HALF of the funds in our database at the end of Q1/2010?

The answer - JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Of the 97 institutional investors, endowments and foundation trusts that we track in our database, a full 50 (51.5%) had some exposure to JPM at the end of Q1/2010.

This is far ahead of the second company on the list, Bank of America Corporation, which was owned by 45 of the 97 funds in our database at the end of Q1/2010.

Here is the list of the most popular companies (as of 03/31/2010):

Company, # of Funds That Owned Shares

1. JPMorgan Chase & co, 50
2. Bank of America, 45
3. Pfizer Inc., 44
4. Microsoft, 43
5. Google, 42

The good news didn't stop there for JPM.

Of the 97 funds in our database, a full 26 chose to ADD to their EXISTING positions in JP Morgan Chase & Co. during the first quarter of the year. This is more than any other company (Microsoft was #2 on the list with 21 companies).

Of the fifty funds (that we track) that owned JPM shares at the end of the first quarter, here are the five that owned the largest stakes:

Goldman Sachs Group INC - 33,187,959 shares
Davis Selected Advisers - 31,167,811 shares
Janus Capital Management LLC - 27,974,541 shares
Jennison Associates LLC - 18,158,710 shares
Blue Ridge Capital Holdings LLC/Blue Ridge Capital - 9,600,000 shares

Major hedge funds and institutional investors continue to have a voracious appetite for JPM shares, as evidenced by the continued accumulation of shares during the first quarter.

Source: Q1/2010 Fund Report

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