Definition of Attack Ad

What does the term "attack ad" mean? What is the definition of the term "attack ad"?

In the world of politics, an "attack ad" is an advertisement (whether it be radio, TV or print) that directly attacks a candidate for political office.

Definition of Attack Ad - Financial Dictionary - PoliticsFor instance - Democrat John Q. Smith is running for a Senate seat in a fictitious US state.

Smith's opponent puts out multiple "attack ads" which attack Smith's voting history and support of President Barack Obama. These ads utilize ominous music and the use of black and white colors to make subliminal statements against Smith's campaign.

Smith, not to be outdone, unleashes multiple attacks ads against his Republican opponent, targeting his opponent's relative inexperience and close ties to big business.

Attack ads are a constant presence in practically any political campaign.

Super PACs are especially fond of the attack ad, as they are able to support or oppose any candidate for political office (as long as they don't coordinate directly with a campaign or candidate).

Here is an example of a recent attack ad that targets President Barack Obama:

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