Definition of Form 8-K

What is an 8-K? What does 8-K mean? Why would a company file an 8-K form?

As defined by the SEC, the Form 8-K is a filing that companies make to "announce major events that shareholders should know about."

Generally speaking, a Form 8-K is filed with the SEC by a publicly traded company when an "unscheduled" material event takes place.

-- what is form 8K - financial term definition --Some of the situations in which a company would file an 8-K include:

-departure of a key executive (such as the CEO)
-notice of delisting
-change in accountant
-announcement of a new deal

All of these would require a company to file an 8-K with the SEC within four business days of the occurrence of the event.

Example: The CEO of XYZ resigns from the company, citing "personal reasons".

The company would have to file an 8-K with the SEC within 4 business days of this resignation taking place.

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