Definition of Slowdown

What does the term "slowdown" mean as it applies to labor issues? What is the definition of the term "slowdown"?

A "slowdown" occurs when workers become less productive in an attempt to pressure their employers into settling an ongoing labor dispute.

Definition of Slowdown - Financial Dictionary - Labour StrikeFor instance - a teacher's union and a local government can not agree on a new labor deal. The teacher's union decides that a strike will not go over well with the public, so they organize a "slowdown" instead. During the "slowdown", teachers will not be issuing report cards or performing any sort of extracurricular activities.

"Slowdowns" usually start off with minimal disruptions and then slowly increase if a deal is not reached. A "slowdown" can lead to an all-out strike or lockout if the two sides aren't able to agree on a labor deal.

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