Some Adsense Placement Tips For All You Aspiring Content Publishers Out There

After testing, re-testing, and double re-testing, I have figured out the best way to incorporate Adsense ads into your page. Well, this is what has worked best for me, but I think that most Adsense "experts" would recommend roughly the same thing. I know that this combination has certainly resulted in the highest amount of CTR % (click through ratio %), so you might want to try it on your web site. The difference is huge, and you can easily double or even triple your income, just by making a few simple changes to your ad layouts.

First off:

1. Make your Adsense ad background color the same as the rest of your page. This is crucial, and Google themselves highly recommend this. You want to "blend" the ads into your page. Look at how ineffective banner advertisements have become; people by nature don't like clicking on "ads", but if something is blended into the background of a page, it looks much less like an ad, and therefore, you will get many more people clicking on the ads on your page. This is by far the most important technique that you can use.

2. Utilize the Google "hotspot" chart. Located here: Hotspot Chart. The deep orange squares generate the most clicks, and the yellow squares generate the least amount of clicks. You want to position your Adsense ads on your page, corresponding to this Google hotspot chart. Meaning, you want a square right overtop of your content, you want a square down the left side, and you want a square at the bottom of your content.

3. Don't click on your own ads! Google will ban you for even clicking on your own ad once. Don't do it, even to test.

4. Use channels in order to track your clicks and where they are coming from. If you run more than one site, you want to create URL channels, so that you can see which sites you are getting your clicks from. If you run one site, and want to track where the clicks are coming from within the site, then you should use Custom Channels. This will help greatly in terms of increasing your ROI.

5. Lastly, test test test! Google makes it extremely easy for you to make changes and test out different ads formats, colors, background colors, etc. Take advantage of that. After a while you will see clear trends in terms of CTR %, eCPM, and overall earnings. After finding something that works, you can just focus on creating great content and never have to worry about your ads again if you don't want to. Google takes care of serving the ads and picking the best ads to serve on the best, so you needn't worry about anything else. Google does all the hard work. All you have to do is create the content and cash your checks each month.

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