My Letter to Overture UK

Hi there,

I realize that there is an ongoing investigation in regards to "partner site" traffic on my account, but I wanted to just provide you of further evidence of clear fraudulent behavior in your partner network.

A couple of days ago, we received a number of clicks from these sites:

These were for some pretty expensive clicks, which obviously turned out to be worthless for us. Not only that, but we had multiple clicks from an IP address traced to New York city. Considering we are targetting the UK in our campaign, this seems suspicious to us.

There is obvious rampant fraud existing in your partner network, and I really hope that you do something about it. We expect to be compensated for any fraudulent traffic received so far, plus we expect for these "partner" sites to be booted out of your network before we continue to advertise with you again.


Dave Manuel


Wonder what the response will be?

Let me guess.. they'll respond saying that they are currently investigating the account for any "suspicious increase in volume", and then a few weeks from now, send another email saying that there was no evidence of a "suspicious increase in volume", thereby completely ignoring my request to investigate the actual SOURCE of their traffic.


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