Shoemoney Gets Banned from MyBlogLog

I've been following MyBlogLog for a while now. As soon as they were bought by Yahoo for $10 million dollars, they hit my radar screen. To be honest, it takes me a long time to utilize some new popular widget or application. I was about 2 years behind everyone else when it came to using Napster, and bought my first Ipod once everyone in the universe already owned one.

My gut feeling regarding MyBlogLog has gone from indifference to really not liking them. I am not speaking as a user of their product; I am speaking as a viewer of their business practices, plus I don't like the fact that the application seems to slow down some of my favorite sites. is a site that I read on a daily basis. Anytime you have a successful web entrepreneur posting on a regular basis, I'm on it. He is a great source of industry news and information, and I often find myself picking up great tidbits of using information.

Well in his latest blog entry, Shoemoney says that he has just been banned from MyBlogLog. Shoemoney has been posting blogs recently, outlining various security flaws in the application. He has certainly not done so in a malicious fashion or in order to embarass the company; I think he just honestly wanted to warn both the company and the web community about flaws in the application. Flaws that allow one person to spoof another. Flaws that allow user details to be hacked and changed, such as which sites someone has visited.

If MyBlogLog were a stand-up company, they would have thanked Shoemoney for his discoveries and patched the security holes. Instead, they make themselves out to look like fools, and ban him from using their product.

On his blog, one of the employees at the company said that he was banned for posting a blog in which he showed how you can spoof other people. Well geniuses, he wasn't doing this maliciously, he was identifying a very specific security hole and telling you that you should fix it. How do you respond? By banning him. What a joke.

I for one will never, ever use the product, and if anyone asks me about it, I will tell them not to use it either. I would never want to use the product of a company that conducts themselves in this fashion.

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