Adwords Implements Two Changes to How Ads Are Displayed

You may have noticed a couple of days ago that when you search Google, you will notice a change in how the top two Adwords advertisements (those located about the ten free searches) are laid out to the user.

Announced on April 5th, Google has implemented two major changes. Number one, they have changed the color of the box containing the ads from blue to a light yellow color. Considering the fact that billions of dollars are at stake, you can be sure that Google didn't come to this decision lightly. Google probably figured that users were starting to suffer from ad blindness, and were automatically ignoring the ads in a blue box, so they decided to change the color.

Secondly, Google has made less of the box clickable. Before, any part of the blue box was clickable and would count as a click. I am sure that this resulted in many unintended clicks. If you will notice, the only part of the advertisement that is clickable now is the title of the ad. The two other lines, plus the URL, are not clickable. Anybody who claims that Google is only out for the dollar is wrong; if that were true, they would have left the entire box as being clickable, as I have no doubt that would result in more clicks.

Two solid changes from Google.


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