Digg Traffic Versus Google Traffic - Which One Converts Better?

Any web marketer that utilizes social bookmarking as a way of driving traffic to their site has always wondered about just how many Digg users actually click advertisements when they visit. For the most part, from my experience, Digg users are pretty web-savvy and will click on very few ads when they come and check out your site. After having the question poised to them, Chitika decided to put this theory to the test, and see which converted better over a 30 day period: Digg traffic or generic Google search traffic.

There was no surprise really: generic Google traffic came out ahead. In fact, Chitika found that Google traffic was three times more likely to click a Chitika ad than Digg traffic:

Comparing Digg Traffic to Google Traffic

Chitika made sure that the test had standard data - it only measured ads at the bottom of blog posts, and ads on blogs that had in fact been Dugg before. Here were the click-through numbers:

Google - 0.91% CTR

Digg - 0.3% CTR

To be honest, these numbers pretty much match my expectations. From my experience, generic Google traffic on my own sites is about 4-5 times more likely to click than a Digg user. For the most part, Digg users suffer from extreme ad blindness, and aren't likely to click on any advertisements.

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