Delving Into the World of Text Link Ads

As I said a few posts ago, so far so good with Text Link Ads. We have currently had two sites approved for Text Link Ads, and one site currently has inventory on the market. This site is Digital Camera King.

text link ads for saleSo far, after just a couple of days, we have sold three links on the site. The ads are all fairly on topic, and are obviously taking advantage of our Page Rank 4, as Digital Camera King has an absolutely terrible Alexa ranking due to the fact that it doesn't receive much traffic. So far, we have a "CCTV Security Cameras" ad, a "Sony DSC-S650" camera ad, and a "Camera Bags" ad. Haven't had to deal with any penis enlargement ads yet.

The ads are a pretty good deal, at $15 per link. Sure, you aren't going to get much click-through traffic, but a link from an on-topic website with a Page Rank of 4 is a pretty good deal when you are talking about SEO. I am curious to see whether or not Text Link Ads can sell out our entire inventory.

The one thing that I noticed is that immediately upon placing these ads on our web site, Digital Camera King dropped quite a bit in Google. Keyword phrases dropped 10-20 spots. I attribute this to the fact that Digital Camera King basically has no link strength of its own, and adding several outbound links at once on the front page caused it to drop quickly in Google. This caused traffic to drop by about half on the site.

So far so good with Text Link Ads though; I can really see why it is so popular, as they are doing all of the work, and you are just cashing checks. Isn't that what making money on the Internet is all about?

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