Adsense Tips: Blending Your Ads

One of the biggest mistakes that I see some websites make is that they don't blend their Adsense ads in with the rest of their page. For instance, their web site will have a light green background, but the background color of their Adsense ads will be white. Now, at first glance they might be thinking "I want my users to see the advertisements, so I really want them to stand out" but in actuality, it has the exact opposite effect, leading to diminished clicks and lower revenues for their sites.

Blending ads is strongly suggested by Google themselves as a way to increase your site revenues. Most people don't particular like ads. One of the reasons why banner advertising has declined so much if they people developed "ad blindness", meaning that they automatically ignored banner ads because they were seeing them everywhere, and obviously not clicking on them as a result. Blending your Adsense ads will counteract "Ad Blindness", and bring your viewers eyes to your ads. They know that it is an ad, but since it is blended in with your site and relevant to the content on your site, they will be much more likely to click the ads, and generate your more money.

I have heard of people doubling or even tripling their CTR by effectively blending ads into their pages. It really does work. Figure out the color of the background of your site (most of the time it will be white) and then log into Adsense and create a new ad. Make sure that the background color of your ad and the border color of the ad are the same as the background color of your site. Look at this site as an example. We have a white background, and the background color of the Adsense ads and the color of the border on the ads are both white. We selected Black as the color of our Text, as it stands out nicely. Try to avoid picking a color for the text; it just looks stupid.

Try this on your blog and I can guarantee you that you will notice a marked increase in the number of clicks that your blog generates. More clicks translates into more money in your pocket, which is what this is all about.

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