Five Tips for Generating Unique Content for your Blog

Writing content for your blog can be tough. Usually you'll have a good 10-15 ideas for articles when you launch your blog, and then after that, the well will run dry and your blog will suffer as a result. If I had to give you my biggest tip for a successful blog, it would be frequent content. The one similarity that all successful blogs have is that their owners update the blog regularly. Search engines love sites with frequently updated unique content, and readers love these sites. You want search engine spiders and readers visiting your site on a daily basis.

Writing unique and useful content can be hard. Here are five tips, from me to you, as to how you can keep that great content flowing through your fingers and onto your web site.

1. Carry a "blogging pad" with you at all times. I carry a little notepad and a pen with me at all times. You never know when you are going to get hit with an idea for an article, and you need to be able to jot it down. You would be amazed at how many idle moments you have during the day when you can jot a few notes for your blog. Sitting at lunch? You probably have 10-15 minutes to jot down some ideas. On the bus home from work? Same thing. You can flesh out complete articles using your pad, and then simply hammer out the article on your computer when you get home. I normally have a 9-10 article backlog of topics that are in my pad that I haven't typed out yet.

2. Don't force it. If you are having a tough time writing an article, take a break from the computer. Don't try to force it; your article will come out looking rushed and half-assed. If you are suffering from momentary writer's block, go take the dog for a walk around the block. I guarantee you that when you get back, that article will flow out of you like water.

3. Read the competition. You should figure out every single site that is in your niche, and add yourself to their article feeds. Don't copy their articles obviously, but reading their work will surely give you some ideas on possible article topics for yourself.

4. Interact with your readers. Your readers will be some of the best sources of material for future articles. Read their comments. I guarantee you that they will let you know what kind of article topics that they want to read about in the future. If one person on your blog wants to hear about a certain topic, I can guarantee you that another 100 people are searching for the same topic. Listen to your readers.

5. Set daily content goals for yourself. Set a goal of an article per day. No more, no less. Even if you have ideas for 10 articles, don't write 10 articles in one day. You will burn yourself out on the topic. This is a marathon, not a sprint. You could be running this site for the next twenty years, and making a lot of money. Don't burn yourself out by writing too much, too soon. Stick to a gameplan. One article per day is probably best to start.

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