Beware of Web Sites with Fake Pagerank

If you are in the market to purchase a domain name or website, then you need to be aware of how easy it is to fake a page rank for a site, and how to figure out whether or not a site has a fake PR. The last thing to want to do is shell out big bucks to purchase a PR 7 web site, only to find out that the true page rank of the site is a zero.

First off, how do people fake a web site's page rank. They do this by implementing a script that detects if a user to the site is Googlebot. If Googlebot is in fact visiting the site, the script will then redirect Googlebot to a site with a high page rank. So, if they direct Googlebot to, it will show up as having a page rank of 10. It's just that easy.

However, detecting fake page rank is easy as well, and you should always undergo these easy steps before purchasing a domain name.

First off, the quick and easy way to check page rank is to load up Internet Explorer and install the Google Toolbar. This will automatically display page rank for each site. Let's say that a site,, has faked their page rank. Well, your Toolbar will show the incorrect page rank, however if you hover over the green toolbar with your mouse, it won't say "Page Rank 10." This is the quick and easy way to check.

To be more thorough though, I would recommend going to the web site. Enter the domain name that you are thinking of purchasing. If the page rank is legitimate, it will tell you. If the page rank has been faked, you will notice a number of error messages in red, plus the domain name that the spoofed page rank is being stolen from.

If you are planning on purchasing a domain name anytime soon, you need to confirm the true page rank of the site or risk being fleeced.

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