How to Properly Set Goals

how to set goalsSetting goals and accomplishing them can sometimes be best accomplished by tricking your mind into thinking that the goal will be easily to accomplish than it actually is.

How do you do that?

Instead of saying to yourself "I am not going to smoke for the rest of my life", it can be much easier mentally if you tell yourself "I will not smoke cigarettes for the next 30 days." Setting a short-term goal is much easier to accomplish than setting a goal that you must stick with for the rest of your life. 30 days is not all that long; the rest of your life is.

You will find that after the 30 days is over, you will be far over your bad habit and you will have absolutely no inclination to go back. It's like running 10 miles and then standing in your kitchen; do you really want to eat a hamburger with fries and waste all of your effort, or would you rather have a pasta dish and not waste your efforts? Nine times out of ten, you will choose the pasta dish, because of all of the effort that you have just put in. It is the same with goals; if you go 30 days without smoking, and endure the pain and agony of kicking the habit, do you really think that you will be eager to light up again after the 30 days are over?

Also, don't overdo it with all sorts of different goals. If you are trying to lose weight, don't say "I will eat like a bird, go to the gym every day, run every day for the next 30 days"; instead, say to yourself "I will avoid all sugar for the next 30 days, and walk for an hour every night." This is a very reasonable goal, and the health benefits after 30 days will be immeasurable. Set a goal of accomplishing one, maybe two things, and try and stick with it for thirty days.

You want to hear my goals for the next 30 days? Avoid all sugary drinks and go for a run along the beach every day. That's it. Think that I can accomplish this? You'll have to come back and see. When I accomplish this goal, my health will be much better. I owe it to myself to accomplish this goal, my health is TERRIBLE lately.

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