SEO Marketing vs. PPC Marketing: Which one is Better?

Both types of marketing have their distinct advantages and distinct disadvantages. Both are well worth your while, and I would recommend using both to tackle an industry. Here are the pros of both SEO and PPC Marketing, in my opinion:

SEO Marketing (Pros)

-doesn't require much capital

-once you get to the top of the heap (assuming you have used legit practices to get there) it is pretty hard to fall

-did I mention cheap?

-requires little to no knowledge to get started. The best form of SEO in my opinion is article writing. If you can write, then you are already doing SEO.

PPC Marketing (Pros)

-much more scalable

-is less popular than SEO, so there is more room at the top

-you can become successful in a niche within a week; SEO could take upwards of a year to make a significant dent in a niche

-Airmiles on your credit card

-higher barrier of entry compared to SEO. PPC requires cash to get started, which many people don't have

SEO marketing requires less cash, and if you are on a tight budget, it's probably the right choice for you. PPC is perfect if you are impatient and have some expendable cash, as you can dominant a niche overnight if you have the expertise and money. PPC is also much more scalable; you can dabble in 30 different industries fairly easily with PPC; SEO requires a different site for each industry, and can become a nightmare to maintain freshness across all of your sites.

If you plan on dominating a niche and focusing on just one, then do a combo of PPC and SEO. Free traffic + profitable PPC = recipe for success.

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