Yahoo Search Marketing Finally Announces Site Exclusions

yahoo search marketing introduces site exclusionsI never thought that there would be a day when I actually thought that I would use Yahoo Search Marketing again.

My biggest gripe with them was always that they didn't allow the advertiser to exclude certain sites in the Yahoo Search network from showing their ads. Imagine that, an advertiser actually having control over where their ads are being shown.

In the end, I really didn't care where the ads were being shown; the problem was, where they were being clicked from. So many dodgy sites with absolutely no relevance to my topic were burning up my ultra expensive clicks, and of course they were not converting. If you emailed Yahoo about it, they would "investigate" and sometimes return a few dollars now and then. In the end, I got frustrated with them and just shut them down.

Yahoo has finally entered the 21st century and announced that they will soon allow advertisers to exclude certain sites from showing their ads in the search network. This is great news, and once they implement it for real, I will be back advertising on Yahoo once again.

For some of those dodgy "search" sites out there that were burning up our expensive clicks, your days are numbered. Hope you enjoyed our name, cause you aren't getting any more of it.

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