Using the Internet to Generate Passive Income

generate income from the internetThe best part about using the Internet to generate income is that once a site has some "juice" and has the ball rolling, it doesn't require all that much effort to maintain on an ongoing basis. Sure, there are exceptions to this rule; a site can be as involving as you want it to be. But personally speaking, most of the sites that I am involved with are fine with one new article per day. 15-20 minutes of my time and Google gives the site a lot of respect because it is being continuously updated. 15-20 of my time per day to conceivably make $10k+ per month; I'll take that anyday.

The great thing is that I can run 15-20 sites easily in this manner, stretched across all sorts of different affiliate niches. I can have a poker site, a credit card site, and an e-book site on how to import/export cars that sells an ebook. Once these sites have content indexed and are getting some respect in Google, they will typically require very little maintenance going forward. If you dot your I's and cross your T's at the beginning and design the site properly, then you will have a site that will easily grow without too many growing pains.

If you treat each web site that you own as a revenue generating property, you can easily own 100 sites+ if you choose to outsource some of the content creation. This is the power of the Internet; scalability, and low expenses. We have a site that makes us probably 7-8k per month, and all it costs is $10 per month in web hosting. Try doing that with a real world business. You'll have fixed expenses in most cases such as rent, workers, supplies, etc. With the Internet, you can easily build up a business that will pay your monthly living expenses and will only cost you the cost of web hosting per month.

The Internet is the most powerful money-making tool EVER. Take advantage of it.  Learn how to make money with it.  You won't be sorry.

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