Tips on How to Create Interesting Content for Your Readers

dave manuel is reading the newspaper - showing to his readers how he does research for his article writingWhen it comes to building a website on the cheap, content is king. Quality content is the great equalizer when it comes to competing with other web sites in your niche. Even if they have more employees and more resources, you can still catch up to them by yourself if you create really strong and compelling content.

Here are a few random tips that I have for creating strong content that your users will enjoy:

1. Go 100% unique. Don't rewrite other articles. Don't quote other articles and throw in your two cents here and there. That's the lazy way out. Lazy won't build you a leading authority site in your niche. Do your own research. Find out where people are discussing news items in your industry and hang out there. Try to break stories. This requires more work on your part, but you will reap the benefits 100 times over down the road. Authority sites rank really, really well.

2. Spell-check. Nothing turns me off of a site faster than excessive spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. If you don't have the time to run your article through a spell-checker, then why should I bother reading it?

3. Plan your articles out ahead on a pad of paper. Jot down notes. Think of what your opening and closing lines will be. If you jot down the rough structure of your article on a piece of paper, you will find it much easier to construct your article.

4. Write with the reader in mind, not the search engine. Don't try to blatantly target keywords in your articles - your readers will see right through it. Write for the reader first. If your articles are really good and people link to them, the search engines will reward you anyways and you will rank for all of the keywords that you want.

5. If you are drawing a blank, do something else. The cursor is blinking but there are no words flowing from your fingers. Go and do something else. The ideas will come, trust me. If I am facing Writer's Block, I go for a walk around the block. Or I have a shower. Or I drive to the store. Every time, when I come back and sit down at my desk, I have a plethora of ideas in my head.

6. Read other sites in your industry. Join as many RSS feeds as you can that are relevant to the topic that you are writing about. For those nights that you are having trouble coming up with ideas, reading the work of others will likely give you some new topics of your own to write about.

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