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product logo scribefire - firefox pluginNormally we don't do product reviews or product endorsements on this blog, but what the hell, this product is great.

I believe that ScribeFire used to originally be known as Performancing for Firefox.

Basically, ScribeFire is an extremely powerful Firefox extension that allows you to compose and upload blog postings without ever leaving Firefox.

When you install the extension and re-start Firefox, you will notice an orange icon on the bottom right hand of your Firefox browser. If you click on this icon, suddenly your active Firefox screen will be split in half. The top half will contain your normal Firefox browser, while the bottom half will have your blogging "workspace", where you can write up and upload your blog postings.

ScribeFire comes with a wide range of different tools that will make your life easier if you are a fairly active blogger. There are buttons at the top of your "workspace" that allow you to easily add Youtube videos and Flickr images. You can easily manipulate your text, changing the color of the font, the font itself, or emphasizing certain words.

I've used blogging software before, but I really like the fact that this is integrated right into Firefox. Many of my articles are data-heavy, so being able to have my Firefox browser open right above where I am working makes it much easier to navigate. If you have a multiple-monitor set-up, then this is likely not much of a problem for you anyways - however, I am still using one monitor, so this set-up makes it much easier for me to work. There are other "perks" to using blogging software that is incorporate with Firefox, such as: when you click to link something, it will automatically link to the page that is currently open in your browser, plus you can easily drag and drop text from your browser right into your "blogging workspace". This certainly saves some time. If you are blogging all day, every day, then this extension is a joy because it saves you a lot of time and headache.

I used Windows Live Writer before and liked it. However, for some reason I un-installed the software along the way and never got it to work again. When I tried to re-install, it told me that I didn't have the proper version of Windows installed. Who knows.

So I started using Google Docs to write up my postings, and then I would manually have to log in to my Wordpress backend and cut and paste. With ScribeFire, you set up your blog details ahead of time so that you can just click "Publish" when you are done your posting, and it will upload to your blog automatically.

This piece of software is certainly going to make my life easier. If you are a fairly active blogger and not using this software yet, then I would highly suggest doing so.

Link: ScribeFire

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