What are the Credit Cards with the Best Rewards?

It's not exactly a fun time to be an American consumer right now.

If you are an average American, then chances are:

-you or your spouse has been laid off, or you are worried about the future of your job

-you have had to cut back dramatically on your expenses

-you have taken a serious hit to your net worth during the economic collapse

The bottom line - there are not many people that are feeling too confident about their finances right now.

This is the reason why credit cards that offer substantial rewards packages have suddenly become so popular.

Apply for the Discover More Card

Apply for the Discover Motiva Card

Apply for the Discover Open Road Card

The days of spending to excess are over in the United States.

Suddenly people are looking for value. They want a card that will offer substantial rewards the more that they use it.

Credit card rewards packages come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

Some cards offer cash back on all purchases. The % of cash back usually ranges from 0.25% to 5%.

Some cards offer cash back on select purchases, such as gas or groceries. I have seen some cards offer up to 2% if you purchase your gas and groceries with their card.

Some cards offer you a refund of all of the interest that you pay in one month if you make six straight payments in a row.

If you have fairly good credit and a strong repayment history, then there are many strong credit card reward packages out there to choose from.

Banks still love doing business with good credit risks, so if you consider yourself to be in this category, then you should definitely consider applying for one of the cards that I have listed above.

In this economy, how could you not choose a card that offers you rewards for using it? It's money in your pocket, and in this economy, how can you turn that down?

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