Republicans Also Have a "Greater Than 99% Chance" of Controlling The House

Washington Post Chart - United States Senate Predictions - November 2014According to the Washington Post's new "Election Lab" page, the Republicans are currently sitting pretty heading into next week's mid-term elections.

The public's disdain towards President Obama and the Democrats is very likely to hand control of both the House and the Senate to the Republicans next week barring any last minute changes. In addition, a number of other factors look to swing things in the Republican's direction, including the fact that a number of Democrat-held seats that are up for grabs in this midterm election are being contested in Republican-leaning states. In addition, the sitting President's party almost always loses seats in the midterm elections.

Add all of that up and you have a recipe for disaster for the Democrats.

According to the Washington Post's "Election Lab", the Republicans currently have a 95% chance of gaining control of the Senate next week. The Republicans, according to the Washington Post, are a mortal lock to keep control of the House of Representatives.

Let's take a look at the damage that the Washington Post is forecasting for the Democrats next week:

1. Expected loss of 7 seats in the Senate which will give the Republicans 52 seats (51 seats are needed for a majority)

2. Expected loss of 8 seats in the House of Representatives which will give the Republicans a total of 242 seats. If the GOP happens to pick up 13 seats, this would give them the largest House majority since 1928


FiveThirtyEight's Senate Forecast is slightly less bullish on the Republicans winning a Senate majority, as they currently give that a 68.3% chance of happening. According to FiveThirtyEight, though, things are clearly trending in the direction of the Republicans.


Anything could still happen between now and the midterm elections, though things are not looking good for the Democrats.

Source: Washington Post - Election Lab

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