Definition of Black Card

What is a "black card"? What is the definition of the term "black card"?

The first "black card" was introduced by American Express in 1999, and was more formally known as the Centurion card. There were rumours that there was a black card from American Express available before this, though this is the year in which the black card was formally introduced to the public.

Pictured is the first and most popular black card is the American Express Black Card.This ultra-exclusive card was meant to cater to the very wealthy, and was an invitation-only card that was only available to the biggest platinum card spenders.

In order to be eligible for this card, an existing American Express platinum card holder would have to spend at least $250,000 US per year. In addition, potential black card holders would need to have a "substantial net worth".

The original black card was made out of titanium and the lasers would be used to etch the name and numbers into the card.

The cost to acquire and maintain a black card continues to be very high - there is a one-time $10,000 joining fee, as well as an annual fee of $5,000.

There are some pretty heavy benefits to the card, however, including a personal travel agent, a personal shopper at various locations and free hotel nights and companion airplane tickets on select international flights.

The "black card" has been popularized in recent decades by musicians and movie stars.

Other companies have attempted to capitalize on this trend as well, as Visa introduced their own version of the "black card" a few years ago.

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