Definition of Covidiot

What is a "Covidiot"? What does the term "Covidiot" mean?

The term "Covidiot" is a derogatory term to describe somebody who either doesn't adhere to social distancing guidelines or tries to enrich themselves from the "Coronavirus", or falls to consider the needs of others.

The meaning of the term Covidiot is explained.  What does it stand for when it comes to hoarding.  Illustration provided.  Cart full of toilet paper.For instance, a "Covidiot" could be somebody who insists on going to a crowded beach even though their government is advising them to avoid crowded areas and maintain social distancing guidelines. In this case, the "Covidiot" would be working against the concept of "flattening the curve", as they would be putting themselves in danger of contracting the virus and continuing to spread it throughout the community.

In addition, a "Covidiot" could also mean somebody who is looking to make money from the Coronavirus, such as somebody who hoards toilet paper or sanitizer with the purpose of reselling it at a higher price.

Or, a "Covidiot" could mean somebody who hoards hard-to-find meat for themselves, while many in their community go without.

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